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If you decide to stay in one of the hotels, guesthouses along the False Bay or in one of the nature parks itself such as at our partner wildlife park IWAMANZI, your experience will one to never forget. Imagine a romantic lunch under the waterfall or dinner at the river Lapa…

The Western Cape and South Africa have by far the most stunning and well maintained nature and game reserves in the World. Parks are of high quality with a first world infrastructure. Animals big and small can be seen in their natural habitat.

Parks in Africa can be the size of a country, a multiple the size of Hong Kong Island or The Netherlands. Park rangers typically know where to take you to spot animals. Various parks also keep record of where rare animals such as elephants, rhinos and leopards are last seen.

Most other animals are in abundance in the parks, such as zebras, wildebeest, impala, springbok and other gazelles. Once animal herds grow too much, endangering the food supply for other animals, or predators such lions become too troublesome, Park Rangers keep the animals in the reserves at a sustainable level with government permits and CITES pre-approval if required.

We are very proud to promote L’EQUISE is supporting rhino conservation in the most effective way. L’EQUISE is committed to protecting 18 Rhinos from illegal poaching and is running a project to increase this number by buying more Rhinos and bringing them into a safe habitat: Iwamanzi wild life park. Read more about Stan and Jacqueline Burger’s passion for wildlife, hospitality and their daily battle on the ground protecting rhinos.

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