Be inspired byStellenbosch, Western Cape

The Western Cape is a province of South Africa, situated in the south-western part of the country, extending north and east from the Cape of Good Hope.

The capital and largest city is Cape Town, also the oldest European settlement in the province. Stellenbosch, name of famous wine region, it is the second oldest. The town was founded in 1679 by the Dutch governor of the Cape Colony, Simon van der Stel, who named it after himself (Stellenbosch means “Stel’s Bush”). You can still see many of the typical Cape Dutch style house in the area.

The Western Cape is exceptionally topographically diverse. Coastal areas range from sandy between capes, to rocky to steep and mountainous in places. Vegetation is also extremely diverse. It is rich in species diversity, with more plant species occurring on Table Mountain than the entire United Kingdom.

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